Common Problems and Most Probable Causes

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Epoxy Finishes: Resistance to Yellowing

Products are rated top to bottom from best resistance to least resistance:

  • Polysiloxane XLE-80
  • Fast Clad DTM Waterbased Epoxy
  • Pro Industrial Hi-Bild Waterbased Epoxy
  • Water-Based Catalyzed Epoxy
  • Tile-Clad HS Epoxy
  • Water-Based Tile-Clad
  • Pro Industrial High Performance Epoxy
  • Epolon II Multi-Mil Epoxy
  • Macropoxy HS Epoxy
  • Macropoxy 646 Fast Cure Epoxy
  • High Solids Catalyzed Epoxy
  • Macropoxy 846 Winter Grade Epoxy
  • Sher-Glass FF
  • Tank Clad HS Epoxy
  • Dura-Plate MT
  • Dura-Plate 235


Epoxy Finishes: Common Problems and Causes


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