The Sherwin-Williams Information Management and Graphics Engine system was designed and developed as a tool to archive performance data of selected Protective coating systems. The database provides a comprehensive catalog of physical and performance data on selected coating systems.


In addition, the image and graph archive provides access to thousands of photographs and data plots, which visually illustrate the performance history of many Protective coating systems.


This application can provide preformatted and customized reports of performance and physical data. It can be used to produce photographs, data plots and generate customized image reports. There is a preformatted cover sheet available to complete each custom report package. With a one-time entry of a user's personal information, each report generated will be customized with the user's contact information.


Our skilled field corrosion consultants will use this tool to help you select coatings optimized for your situation. Look to Sherwin-Williams for the support that will keep your facility on-line, your project on budget, and the product performance that lasts. Contact Us to learn more about this comprehensive database of performance data.


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