Sherwin-Williams’ SherPlate® PW Epoxy Cures in Just 24 Hours

New epoxy coating allows for one of the most rapid returns to service in the industry

CLEVELAND (February 28, 2012)–Sherwin-Williams has launched SherPlate® PW Epoxy, a fast-curing, 100% solids epoxy tank lining for potable water applications that provides enhanced edge retention, improving corrosion protection on corners and sharp angles. The new product can be applied in one or two coats and has a 24 hour return to service time.

Competing products can take up to seven days or longer to cure. SherPlate PW becomes dry to walk on in three to four hours at temperatures of 77o F allowing for quicker inspection times and can be placed into immersion service in 24 hours.

“SherPlate PW’s superior protection combined with its quick return to service make it a breakthrough product for coating water pipes and storage tanks,” said Narsi Bodapati, vice president of marketing for Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings. “With the introduction of this product, Sherwin-Williams strengthens its position by having one of the most competitive and reliable line of epoxy coatings in the industry.”

SherPlate PW is recommended for use on steel or concrete for potable water pipes six inches and greater in diameter and tanks greater than 25 gallons. It is also acceptable for use with cathodic protection systems. It is available with OPTI-CHECKTM OAP Technology to quickly identify pinholes or verify film thickness ensuring proper application.

SherPlate PW is available in a high gloss white or blue finish. The epoxy coating also has very low VOC (less than 85 g/L; 0.71 lb/gal, mixed) and low odor. SherPlate PW Epoxy also meets AWWA D102 and AWWA C210 standards.


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