Sherwin-Williams Coatings Help Restore Nantucket Lightship/LV-112

(April 3, 2012) – For 39 years, U.S. Coast Guard Lightship Nantucket/LV-1

CLEVELAND (April 3, 2012) – For 39 years, U.S. Coast Guard Lightship Nantucket/LV-112 guided transatlantic shipping from Nantucket Shoals lightship station to and from the east coast and Europe — notably, in the most treacherous shipping lanes. LV-112 was the most remote lightship station in the world, 100 miles off the mainland, in international waters. Following decommissioning in 1975, LV-112 fell into disrepair after many years of abandonment.

Today, with the help of Sherwin-Williams, the United States Lightship Museum (USLM), a 501(c)3 nonprofit volunteer organization, rescued the historic lightship. In addition, with the dedicated assistance of volunteers and donations from corporations, private foundations and individuals, the USLM brought the ship back to her original homeport of Boston and is restoring it to be reopened to the general public as a floating learning center and museum.

Sherwin-Williams provided protective coatings to help restore the lightship. Because the 75-year- old vessel was originally built in 1936, it has a riveted hull. Due to aging and neglect of the hull, the armored steel shell plating had visible areas of pitting from active corrosion caused by the seawater and electrolysis.

"In addition to simply providing the coatings, Sherwin-Williams helped make the recommendations for how to prepare and coat the ship’s exterior hull surface, above and below the waterline," said Narsi Bodapati, Vice President of Marketing, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings. "The coatings will not only protect the ship from future corrosion and fouling, but will also restore the ship’s beautiful appearance for visitors to enjoy for years to come."

The coatings used include:

• SeaGuard 5000HS Epoxy — a high-performance, low VOC, high solids, anti-corrosive epoxy

coating that will cover the lightship’s entire hull.

• SeaVoyage Ablative Antifoulant — a solvent-based, copper- and tin-free ablative coating

that deters soft and hard fouling.

• Proline 4800 — a linear polyurethane finish coat to match the specific red color that is

standard on U.S. Coast Guard lightships (Federal Standard 595B color #11105). Proline 4800 in white was also used for the lettering.

"Sherwin-Williams’ support was crucial to our success in preserving one of America's most unique historic landmarks," said Robert Mannino, Jr., President, United States Lightship Museum. "LV-112 symbolizes the courage and tenacity of those who served on the ship, through life-threatening danger and the horrific weather it encountered at sea. Nantucket/LV-112 is an icon for endurance and an example of the high-quality, state-of-the-art construction and craftsmanship that I believe is compatible with Sherwin-Williams products. "

Between 1820 and 1952, 179 U.S. lightships were built. At one time, 51 lightships were stationed at various locations on the east and west coasts and Great Lakes of the United States. Today, only 17 lightships still exist. Nine of these lightships are currently public museums. Nantucket/LV-112 is the only lightship museum in New England.LV-112, which had been dry-docked at Fitzgerald Shipyard in Chelsea, Mass. for the exterior hull restoration, returned to its berth at the Boston Harbor Shipyard & Marina in East Boston on February 21.

To learn more about LV-112, please visit the official website of the Nantucket Lightship. To learn more about Sherwin-Williams high performance protective and marine coatings, please click here.

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