Non-Sacrificial Coatings Save Money and Time in Graffiti Removal

Owners reap benefits from long-term graffiti removal options, according to Sherwin-Williams

CLEVELAND (July 25, 2012) –American property owners and state departments of transportation (DOTs) spend approximately $12 billion annually to remove graffiti, according to the U.S. Justice Department.
DOTs, transit agencies and municipalities are required to remove or cover graffiti painted on public-facing buildings and structures. But there are limited resources to accomplish this, meaning many will quickly cover graffiti with paint that often does not match surfaces.
One approach to dealing with graffiti proactively is to apply coatings that make removal of the spray paint or markers easier. Older applications methods have relied on sacrificial coatings, which have an initial lower cost, but are pressure-washed away along with the graffiti. This requires a complete coating reapplication to the surface.
“Sacrificial coatings can be time consuming and costly, and they are no longer a best practice,” said Mark Hudson, Business Development Manager, Bridge and Highway, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings, in a recent 2012 International Bridge Conference presentation to state DOT officials and civil engineers.
In addition, in southern and southwest states, concrete and steel surfaces can reach temperatures so high the sacrificial coatings melt, leaving the substrate unprotected.
A more cost effective method is the use of permanent (non-sacrificial) or semi-permanent anti- graffiti coatings. These allow repeated graffiti removals using power-washing or solvent wipe techniques. The coatings can also withstand high temperatures, such as those experienced in Texas or Arizona. Hudson conducted a demonstration of how these coatings work during the session, using a 1500 psi pressure washer on a coated cement board covered in graffiti.
“Bridges and structures will probably always be a canvas for graffiti artists,” said Hudson. “As municipalities and DOTs try to keep up with the vandalism, using non-sacrificial coatings will save money and time over the long term.”
Sherwin-Williams Anti-Graffiti Coatings are highly durable, gloss retentive non-sacrificial coatings that cure with atmospheric moisture for use over interior or exterior concrete surfaces. The fast drying, low VOC (<250 g/L) coatings are available in a one-component siloxane solution, as well as a two-component water based polyurethane solution for areas requiring high- abrasion resistance.
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