FDA 175.300 Compliant Coating Offers Low Permeability and Corrosion Resistance for a Wide Range of Food Contact Surfaces

Magnalux™ 304 FF is  a flake filled vinyl ester for dry and liquid storage offering chemical and heat resistance in an easy-to-use formulation

CLEVELAND (August 16, 2011) – Food and beverage manufacturers require storage coatings that meet the highest safety standards and offer long-lasting performance and easy care. Addressing these demands, Sherwin-Williams today introduced Magnalux™ 304 FF, a flake filled vinyl ester approved for food contact surfaces associated with producing, storing and transporting food products.

Magnalux 304 is a chemical resistant immersion coating comprised of a vinyl ester resin containing mica flakes that reduce permeability and improve edge retention for longer service life. Offering maximum flexibility, it is formulated with an extended pot life and can be applied with conventional or airless spray equipment on steel and concrete surfaces.

Magnalux 304 meets FDA 175.300 for conditions of use D, E and F, covering dry and liquid foods and beverages that are:

  • Hot filled or pasteurized below 150 degrees F;
  • Room temperature filled and stored, with no thermal treatment in the container; and 
  • Subject to refrigerated storage, with no thermal treatment in the container.

The coating is approved for food types I, II, III, IVA and IVB, V, VI, VII, and VIII within these ranges:

  1. Nonacid (pH above 5.0), aqueous products; may contain salt or sugar or both, and including oil-in-water emulsions of low- or high-fat content.
  2. Acidic (pH 5.0 or below), aqueous products; may contain salt or sugar or both, and including oil-in-water emulsions of low- or high-fat content.
  3. Aqueous, acid or nonacid products containing free oil; may contain salt or sugar or both, and including oil-in-water emulsions of low- or high-fat content.
  4. Dairy products and modifications: A. Water-in-oil emulsion, high- or low-fat. B. Oil-in-water emulsion, high- or low-fat.
  5. Low moisture fats and oils.
  6. Beverages: A. Containing alcohol. B. Nonalcoholic.
  7. Bakery products.
  8. Dry solids.

In addition to providing lasting performance over a wide variety of food types, Magnalux 304 is formulated to save time and labor and ensure fast return to service. It can be applied in one coat for a dry film thickness of 14-16 mils, is fast drying and cures in only 2-3 days. The product is also low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at less than 150 grams per liter. Magnalux 304 is also easy to clean and disinfect, allowing tanks and vessels to be returned to service quickly.

“While we have provided coatings and linings for food and beverage applications for many years, Magnalux 304 fits very nicely in our portfolio of products for this industry,” said Narsi Bodapati, Sherwin-Williams Vice President of Marketing. “We are pleased to offer our food and beverage customers this new storage coating option backed by the expertise and innovation they expect from Sherwin-Williams.”

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