Cor-Cote® HT FF Tank Lining and Hi-Temp Coatings Protect Petrochemical Tank and Piping Applications

Enhanced Corrosion Resistance Under Insulation At Elevated Temperatures

CLEVELAND (December 16, 2010) – Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings has introduced Cor-Cote® HT FF for high temperature immersion and atmospheric applications. Ideal for tank linings and piping under insulation at both ambient and high temperatures, this epoxy novolac amine is designed for service with gasoline, fuel oil, diesel fuel, crude oil, ethanol and other hydrocarbons.

The coating contains micaceous iron oxide (MIO) for enhanced anti-corrosion and edge protective properties. The flakes help form an impermeable barrier while increasing temperature resistance. A high-solids (90 percent), chemically-resistant lining, Cor-Cote HT FF is resistant up to 450 degrees F in a dry service environment and will perform in areas subject to wet/dry cycling up to 300 degrees F.

Cor-Cote HT FF is a self-priming coating, providing high build and edge retention in a single coat.  By eliminating the need for a second coat, the product provides a faster return to service. It can be applied to steel, stainless steel or concrete surfaces.

"The Cor-Cote HT FF technology eases the task of petrochemical storage tank and pipeline maintenance," said Brad Rossetto, President and General Manager, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings. "Single-coat application means that facilities are back on line in a timely manner, and high temperature compatibility with piping under insulation provides peace of mind to owners."

Cor-Cote HT is available in three shades of gray, has a semi-gloss finish, and can be applied via airless or conventional spray. Brush or roller coating can be used for small areas. VOC levels are 140 grams per liter, or 1.2 lbs. per gallon.

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