Sherwin-Williams Industrial & Marine Coatings Introduces SeaGuard® 6200 High Solids, HAPS-Free Marine Epoxy

SeaGuard® 6200 is a high-solids (80 percent) epoxy that is free of HAPS (hazardous air polluting solvents)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (April 14, 2008) – Sherwin-Williams Industrial and Marine Coatings has introduced SeaGuard 6200, a high-solids (80 percent) epoxy that is free of HAPS (hazardous air polluting solvents). As containment regulations regarding HAPScontaining coatings become stricter, SeaGuard 6200 provides an excellent alternative for shipyards along with owners and operators.

SeaGuard 6200 is ideal for use on many properly prepared steel substrates for marine and offshore vessels and structures. Applications include salt and fresh water immersion service; ballast tanks; bilges and wet void areas; decks and superstructures and underwater hulls. The product is ideal for fabrication and new construction along with maintenance and repair. Furthermore it can be utilized as a primer when used as part of an underwater hull system with antifouling coatings.

This versatile high solids anti-corrosive coating is capable of being applied at temperatures as low as 20o F (- 7o C), which makes it an excellent choice for vessel maintenance during winter lay-up.

“SeaGuard 6200 offers long lasting performance and significantly reduces concerns about containment rules regarding hazardous air polluting solvents,” said W. Doni Riddle, Vice President, Sherwin-Williams Industrial & Marine Coatings. “It’s an ideal product for maintenance at any time of year, but the fact that it can be used in very low temperatures offers shipyards the opportunity to use it even in harsh, cool and cold weather conditions.”

SeaGuard 6200 can be applied by brush, roller, conventional and airless spray on bare or previously coated steel or wood surfaces. It can also be applied to aluminum and galvanized surfaces that have been coated with an appropriate primer.

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