Sherwin-Williams Industrial & Marine Coatings Fast Clad® ER (Edge Retentive) Epoxy Engineered for Easy Field Application in Pipeline Rehabilitation and Repair

Fast Clad ER Provides High Sag Resistance Properties and a Faster Cure Time than Conventional Epoxies

CLEVELAND, Ohio (May 23, 2007) – Sherwin-Williams Industrial and Marine Coatings Fast Clad ER® Epoxy Pipeline Coating provides improved edge retention and a faster cure time than conventional epoxies and allows pipeline coating repairs to be made quickly and easily that significantly minimizes downtime.

In addition to standard packaging, Fast Clad ER is also available in pre-loaded cartridge mixing systems which are ideal for easy repairs and small jobs -- reducing waste, and improving mixing accuracy.

Fast Clad ER Epoxy is an ultra high-solids epoxy amine coating that presents significant advantages over other epoxy coatings in pipeline rehabilitation and repair, such as excellent cathodic disbondment resistance, outstanding adhesion properties, ultra high solids that comply with all VOC regulations and first-rate edge build which improves overall corrosion performance.

“This one-coat, rapid-cure epoxy coating is capable of returning pipelines to back fill within six hours of application,” said Doni Riddle, Vice President and Director of Sherwin-Williams Industrial and Marine Group. “A faster cure time means a quicker return to service. By making this coating available in a pre-loaded, easy to use cartridge, coating applicators can get the job done right, with improved efficiency.”

Ideal for petrochemical facilities such as oil refineries and chemical plants, this low-odor, equal parts mix ratio reduces waste, improves mixing accuracy and provides superior anti-corrosive protection essential for pipeline coating success. Designed for plural-component application equipment, Fast Clad ER Epoxy is recommended for use over prepared steel surfaces, suitable in any petrochemical facility.

The high sag resistance properties present in Fast Clad ER Epoxy provide superior protection comparable to conventional epoxies, while still maintaining a shorter cure time says Riddle. When applied at 20.0 mils wet at 50% relative humidity, the 98% solids tank lining is dry to touch in one hour and can be walked on within four hours.

Fast Clad ER Epoxy is available in white and turquoise green colors.

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