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Market Focus

CS: How would you characterize the coatings needs of food and beverage facilities these days?

Atzinger: They’re certainly diverse, and they start — literally — from the ground up. Durable floor systems that can withstand frequent cleanings with an array of chemicals and exposure to varying levels of heat and humidity are vitally important in food and beverage facilities. They have equally stringent demands for the coatings used on the structural steel, walls, ceilings and vessels that comprise their facilities.

CS: With such an array of needs, are they required to find multiple suppliers to fulfill them all?

Atzinger: Not when they choose Sherwin-Williams. We have the most comprehensive line of industrial coatings and resinous flooring systems that meet all the requirements of the food and beverage facility owner. Our already formidable product line has been bolstered by several innovative introductions that emphasize durability and faster return to service. Furthermore, we’ve made seamless the availability of architectural products to our industrial customers who may need coatings for office interior areas as well.

CS: How has Sherwin-Williams approached product development for the food and beverage customer?

Atzinger: Our entire product research and development initiative is solution driven with an emphasis on fast return to service. An excellent example of this can be found in the technology behind our FasTop MVT Moisture Control system and AquArmor Flooring System. Moisture vapor emissions (MVE) from concrete, especially in changing humidity and temperature environments, have long had the potential to cause disbondment and blistering of seamless flooring systems. But FasTop MVT is a new product that provides outstanding MVE protection even in constantly wet environments, thus preserving the service life of the flooring system applied on top of it.

And AquArmor uses a new waterbased resin technology that offers 100 times the permeability of standard floor epoxy systems. It can be used underneath any flooring or as a stand-alone system.

We’re also very aware of the fact that time is money, or more accurately, lost time is lost money when it comes to production shutdowns for coatings projects. But the technology behind our entire ExpressTech family of coatings systems is such that many coating and flooring projects can be confined to a single shift, and back in service in a matter of hours, thus minimizing costly downtime as well as production and labor expenses.

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