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When the floor coating system at a private airplane hangar began peeling off the concrete in chunks after just over two years of service last spring, its owner sought both a solution and an explanation.

He found both in the combination of HGS Protective Coatings, LLC, a General Polymers-certified coating and flooring contractor from McFarland,Wis., and the new AquArmor flooring product from Sherwin-Williams.

According to Chad Grote, the owner’s problem stemmed from the fact that the 5,700-square-foot hangar and the entire airport had been built on former wetlands.

“It has a very high water table,” says Grote.“As a result, the moisture vapor transmission rates were measuring between 8 and 12 pounds per thousand square feet.”

In such an environment, the initial coating system had little chance for success, according to Grote.

“You could take a razor scraper and peel the initial coating system off the concrete,”he says.“And a large portion of it had already flaked off.”

Since a conventional epoxy system would have been doomed to the same fate as the previous system, Grote specified the AquArmor system. After removing the remainder of the existing coating by diamond grinding, the contractor applied one coat of 3460 AquArmor primer at 160 square feet per gallon (sfpg) and one coat of 3462 AquArmor at 200 sfpg.

“The workability of the AquArmor is really nice and its performed very well,” he says.“There’s been no delamination and no reaction to the high presence of moisture.”

Grote reports that the owner was so satisfied with the application that he plans to install an AquArmor system for the upcoming new addition to the hangar.

“We’ve had more success with it,” says Grote. “When we’d get high vapor transmission on past jobs you’d always have to put an additional primer down as a vapor barrier, but that takes time and money.

“With AquArmor, it’s not really an issue. Just specify the system and you’re not going to have too many worries.”

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