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Contractors looking to expand their versatility have found a popular service offering in the diamond based concrete floor polishing system being supported by Sherwin-Williams Industrial & Marine group. The easy-install system, with applications ranging from about $2.00 to $6.00 a square foot, offers facility owners an attractive, low-maintenance alternative to more expensive flooring procedures.

Summit Industrial Maintenance is a Dayton, Ohio-based flooring contractor that has found very positive customer response to Sherwin-Williams diamond polishing systems. The company recently finished a 125,000-square-foot production facility in the Southeast United States and has similar projects on its calendar.

“There are so many benefits to the end user,” says Tom Gott, Summit’s Sales Manager. “They absolutely love it. Maintenance is particularly easy. All it takes to preserve the shine is a neutral detergent, scrubbed with a soft polypropylene brush.”

The polishing process begins by using metal segments on a planetary grinder to cut into the concrete, flatten the floor and expose the embedded aggregate. Then, resin-bonded diamonds are used in the grinder to further smooth the floor. A broomed application of a liquid densifier is used during the diamond-grinding process to add hardness, sheen and durability, and a stain guard is applied to enhance the shine and increase chemical resistance.

The end result is a terrazzo-like appearance that requires minimal maintenance. Sherwin-Williams sells all the tooling necessary, as well as the liquid densifiers required.

Gott notes that there’s still a strong market for epoxy flooring systems, which his company is certified to install.

“We like to look at our customers’ circumstances and give them two options,” he says. “For certain chemical containment environments and food and beverage facilities, epoxy flooring systems are the obvious choice, and there are some floors you just can’t polish due to equipment on the floor or other reasons. But if the circumstances are right,we’re telling customers to look closely at a polishing system.”

For more information on Sherwin-Williams diamond floor polishing systems, contact a Sherwin-Williams Industrial & Marine representative.

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