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Pipeclad 5000

Pipeclad® 5000 is an ultra high solids amine cured epoxy coating engineered specifically to deliver long-term corrosion resistance to below grade Oil & Gas pipelines, valves, and other equipment. It is formulated to provide outstanding resistance to impact, abrasion, chemical immersion, and cathodic disbondment when used in combination with cathodic protection systems.

Recommended Usage

For use over prepared bare steel or existing FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) coated substrates in buried service:

  • Buried pipelines – pipes, valves, fittings, pig launchers, etc.
  • Maintenance or rehabilitation coating of existing lines after removal of old coatings or tape
  • Spot repair/touch-up of mechanically damaged plant-applied coating
  • Girth weld coating on new installations and field tie-ins
  • Shop applications
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    Product Number Product Name GHS SDS Data Page
    B62W00560 Part A White GHS SDS  |  Data Page
    B62GV0560 Part B Green GHS SDS  |  Data Page