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ExpressCote® 150

ExpressCote® 150 is an epoxy novolac coating engineered to protect concrete and steel tank interiors from chemicals and solvents at ambient and elevated temperatures. Designed for immersion, chemical exposure and high-temperature exposure, ExpressCote 150 is intended for a variety of aggressive services including well deck overheads on U.S. Navy amphibious ships.

  • Fast return to service and asset is back in operation sooner, saving the added expense of additional downtime
  • High chemical and temperature resistance provides the opportunity for carriage of a wide range of commodities at both ambient and elevated temperatures
  • Compliant with the most stringent regulatory requirements
  • Edge retentive properties ensure that you have desired film build even over sharp edges and angles รข saves time and expense associated with edge grinding and stripe coating
  • Engineered to withstand highly aggressive environments including well deck overheads and chemical holding tanks

Recommended Usage

  • Fuel tanks
  • Seawater ballast tanks
  • CHT/Gray water sewage tanks
  • Well deck overheads (U.S. Navy)
  • Storage tanks & piping
  • Crude oil storage
  • Trenches, troughs, sumps, pits
  • Secondary containment
  • For use with cathodic protection systems
  • Power generation market
Product Number Product Name GHS SDS Data Page
B62W00150 Part A White GHS SDS  |  Data Page
B62A00150 Part A Grey GHS SDS  |  Data Page
B62V00150 Part B Hardener GHS SDS  |  Data Page