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Tank Linings, Secondary Containment

Magnaplate Vinyl Ester Laminate

MAGNAPLATE VINYL ESTER NOVOLAC LAMINATE SYSTEM is used to line the bottoms of steel storage tanks. The highly chemical resistant vinyl ester will withstand a wide range of crude and refined petroleum products including high aromatic lead free gasoline, aromatic solvents, alcohol and alcohol/ fuel blends, MTBE, and a variety of non-lead octane boosters. Reinforced with fiberglass mat, Magnaplate provides an economical alternative to new steel bottoms and guards against product leakage.

Recommended Usage

  • As an interior lining for storage tanks containing crude oil and refined petroleum products.
  • As a lining system for secondary containment applications.
  • Economical alternative to new steel tank bottom.
Product Number Product Name GHS SDS Data Page
CK939X465 Clear Part A GHS SDS  |  Data Page
6002-03335 MEKP Clear Part B GHS SDS  |  Data Page
6002-03343 MEKP Red Part B GHS SDS  |  Data Page