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Promar Acrylic Copolymer Traffic

PROMAR Acrylic Copolymer Traffic Paint is a conventional dry (non-heat applied) acetone based paint. Acetone, as the main solvent, has Exempt Status under Federal law and does not contribute harmful VOCs. PROMAR Acrylic Traffic Paint is 100% acrylic, which offers the following outstanding properties:

  • Faster dry and hardness development.
  • Performance similar to PROMAR Chlorinated Rubber Traffic Paint.
  • Less dirt pick-up, longer glass bead retention, improved


Recommended Usage

PROMAR Acrylic has been developed for use over concrete, asphalt, brick and other surfaced highways and parking lots. It can also serve as a binder for glass beads to make reflective type markings. Do not use this product over uncured asphalt surfaces such as commonly found on tennis courts, asphalt driveways and some parking lots. Traffic 10.12 continued on back

  • Parking Lots
  • Municipalities
  • Striping Contractors
  • Streets and Highways
  • Plant Maintance
  • Shopping Centers
Product Number Product Name GHS SDS Data Page
TM 5712 White GHS SDS  |  Data Page
TM5713 LF Yellow GHS SDS  |  Data Page