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Tank Linings, Secondary Containment

Phenicon HS Flake Filled Epoxy

PHENICON HS FLAKE FILLED is a VOC-compliant epoxy novolac phenolic with micaceous iron oxide. Designed for use as part of a system for internal tank lining. The micaceous iron oxide provides:

  • Improved abrasion and blister resistance
  • Lower moisture vapor transmission
  • Film reinforcement
  • Higher temperature resistance
  • Improved edge protection
  • Low temperature hardener available for applications from 35°F minimum to 80°F maximum

Recommended Usage

Designed as part of a system to improve performance in immersion service compared to non-micaceous iron oxide filled coatings.

  • Internal tank lining for most petroleum products such as: crude oil, unleaded gasoline, most aromatic solvents, motor fuels, alkalies, and brines.
  • Secondary containment.
  • Low temperature hardener not recommended for use at application temperatures above 80°F.
  • Acceptable for use with cathodic protection systems.

Product Number Product Name GHS SDS Data Page
CK920RA11 Reddish/Gray Part A GHS SDS  |  Data Page
CK700C685 Hardener Part B GHS SDS  |  Data Page
CK700C825 Low Temp Hardener Part B GHS SDS  |  Data Page