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Waterbased Acrolon 100 Polyurethane

WATER BASED ACROLON 100 URETHANE is an advanced technology, VOC compliant, water based, acrylic urethane. Provides performance properties comparable to premium quality solvent based urethanes. This is a high gloss abrasion resistant urethane that has excellent weathering properties.

  • Retains its appearance over a wide range of chemical, weather, and mechanical conditions
  • Can be applied directly to water based and solvent based organic zinc rich primers
  • Low odor
  • Non-flammable
  • <100 g/L VOC
  • HAPS Free

Recommended Usage

For use over prepared substrates in industrial and marine environments, such as:

  • Offshore platforms
  • Exterior surfaces of steel tanks
  • Structural steel
  • Rail cars and locomotives
  • Paper mills
  • Power plants
  • Bridges
  • Conveyors
  • Refineries
  • Nuclear power facilities
  • Marine applications
  • Floors
  • Chemical processing equipment
  • Industrial machinery and equipment
  • Suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities

Acceptable for use in high performance architectural applications.

Product Number Product Name GHS SDS Data Page
B65W721 Extra White Tint Base Part A GHS SDS  |  Data Page
B65T724 Ultradeep Base Part A GHS SDS  |  Data Page
B65B720 Black Part A GHS SDS  |  Data Page
B65R720 Safety Red Part A GHS SDS  |  Data Page
B65Y720 Safety Yellow Part A GHS SDS  |  Data Page
B65V720 Hardener Part B GHS SDS  |  Data Page