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MACROPOXY 646 PW EPOXY is a high solids, high build, fast drying, polyamide epoxy classified by UL to ANSI/NSF 61 as a tank lining for potable water storage tanks. The high solids content ensures adequate protection of sharp edges, corners, and welds

Recommended Usage

Immersion Service - Potable water: Meets NSF Standard 61 for use in potable water storage for composition of coatings used in potable water, tanks of 60,000 gallons and larger, 120" pipe interior and larger. Recommended uses include:

  • As an interior tank lining for potable water storage tanks of 1,500 gallon minimum tank size.
  • Conforms to AWWA D102-03 ICS #1, #2, and #5, and OCS #5***
  • Suitable for use with cathodic protection systems
  • Meets or exceeds the performance requirements of SSPC Paint Spec 22 ***Refer to respective systems Potable Water Tank Restrictions Water Contact Temp: 23°C Standard Cure; Tanks >=1,500 gal: 2 cts Forced Cure; Tanks >= 100 gal: 2 cts Forced Cure, Pipe>=15"; 2 cts Forced Cure; Maximum DFT: 6 mils/ct, 2 cts

Product Number Product Name GHS SDS Data Page
B58WX610 Mill White Part A GHS SDS  |  Data Page
B58LX600 Light Blue Part A GHS SDS  |  Data Page
B58VX600 Hardener Part B GHS SDS  |  Data Page
B58VX605 Hardener OAP Part B GHS SDS  |  Data Page