Recommended Standards
for Color Coding

Service Schedule System 4000 Color Bands
Water Lines
Raw Water Olive Green 4070 Generator Green
Settled or
Clarified Water
Aqua 4068 Alloy Aqua
Finished or
Potable Water
Dark Blue 4086 Safety Blue
Sprinklers Dark Red 4081 Safety Red
Suction Line
(Pump Stations)
Mid Blue 4063 Robotic Blue
Pressure Line
(Pump Stations)
Safety Blue 4086 Safety Blue
Water Lines
Backwash Waste Light Brown 4003 Pallet Tan
Sludge Dark Brown 4009 Walnut Brown
Sanitary Sewer
or Other
Dark Gray 4025 Anchor Gray
Sewage Effluent Clay 4048 Mason Brick
Raw Sludge Brown/Black 4001 Bolt Brn 4032 Black
Sludge Recirc Brown/Yellow 4001 Bolt Brn 4084 Safety Yellow
Sludge Draw Off Brown/Orange 4001 Bolt Brn 4083 Safety Orange
Sludge Recirc Dischg Brown 4001 Bolt Brn
Sludge Gas Orange-Red 4084 International Orange
Natural Gas Orange-Red/Black 4084 International Orange 4032 Black
NonPotable Water Blue/Black 4086 Safety Blue 4032 Black
Potable Water Blue 4086 Safety Blue
Chlorine Yellow 4084 Safety Yellow
Sulfur Dioxide Yellow/Red 4084 Safety Yellow 4081 Safety Red
Sewage Gray 4026 Slate Gray
Compressed Air Green 4071 Rain Forest
Chemical Lines
Alum or
Primary Coagulant
Orange 4083 Safety Orange
Ammonia White White
Carbon Slurry Black Black
Caustic Yellow with Green 4084 Safety Yellow 4085 Safety Green
Chlorine Yellow 4084 Safety Yellow
Fluoride Light Blue with Red Hydro Blue 4081 Safety Red
Lime Slurry Light Green 4069 Emerald Ice
Ozone Yellow with Orange Safety Yellow 4083 Safety Orange
Phosphate Compounds Light Green with Red 4069 Emerald Ice 4081 Safety Red
Polymers or
Coagulant Aids
Orange with Green 4083 Safety Orange 4085 Safety Green
Potassium Permanganate Violet 4080 Plumb
Soda Ash Light Green
with Orange
4069 Emerald Ice 4083 Safety Orange
Sulfuric Acid Yellow with Red 4084 Safety Yellow 4081 Safety Red
Sulfur Dioxide Light Green
with Yellow
4069 Emerald Ice 4084 Safety Yellow
Other Lines
Compressed Air Dark Green 4071 Rain Forest
Gas Red 4040 Deck Red
Other Lines Light Gray 4019 Flint Gray
Hoists, Trolleys Yellow 4084 Safety Yellow
Fire Protection Red 4081 Safety Red
Steam Orange 4083 Safety Orange
Oil Ivory 4036 Mill Ivory