Opti-Check™ Optically Activated Pigments

25% more defects identified during coating application with OAP technology.

Download a map of VOC Regulated Locations (PDF)

Download a list of VOC Restrictions for Coatings by Regulated Area (PDF)

  1. MACROPOXY 646 - PW

    Potable Water Epoxy

  2. Dura-Plate UHS Epoxy

    Epoxy Amine

  3. Nova-Plate UHS Primer

    Epoxy Novolac

  4. Fast Clad ER

    Epoxy Amine

  5. Dura-Plate UHS Primer

    Epoxy Amine

  6. Phenicon HS Flake Filled Epoxy

    Epoxy Novolac Phenolic - Flake Filled

  7. Phenicon HS Epoxy

    Epoxy Novolac Phenolic