Systems & Specifications:


Flexible Coating and Lining Systems

Sherwin-Williams Flexible Coating Systems are generally 25 to 80 mil dft systems designed for the corrosion protection of concrete and masonry in atmospheric exposure with light vehicular or pedestrian traffic. They may be used with Sher-Tuff Urethane Enamel topcoat or as a stand alone coating system in select environments. The Sherwin-Williams Flexible Lining Systems are generally designed for the corrosion protection of steel, concrete, and masonry in atmospheric or immersion conditions.

Features / Benefits

  • Flexible crack bridging design
  • Stand alone or topcoat with Sher-Tuff Urethane
  • Good adhesion to the substrate
  • Moderate chemical resistance
  • Impact and thermal shock resistant
  • Time proven technology and performance

Recommended Applications

  • Secondary containment
  • Flexible masonry and drywall coating
  • Lab and processing area floor and wall

Surface Preparation Guide

  1. Steel - SSPC SP-10/NACE No. 2
  2. Concrete - SSPC SP-13/ NACE No. 6, ICRI CSP 3-5
Flexible Coating and Lining Systems
System Name 1st Coat Dry Film Thickness 2nd Coat Dry Film Thickness 3rd Coat Dry Film Thickness Total Dry Mils

These are guidelines only. Please contact sales representative for additional information.