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Tank Linings, Secondary Containment

Sherwin-Williams offers a wide variety of chemical resistant tank linings, secondary containment systems and corrosion control coatings.

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  1. Car-Flex HS Epoxy

    Flexible Epoxy Lining - FDA Approved

  2. CarClad Macropoxy HS

    Epoxy Rail Coating

  3. Cor-Cote FRE

    Fiber Reinforced High Build Epoxy

  4. Cor-Cote HCR

    Epoxy Novolac

  5. Cor-Cote HCR FF

    Epoxy Novolac - Flake Filled

  6. Cor-Cote HP

    Epoxy Amine

  7. Cor-Cote HP FF

    Epoxy Amine - Flake Filled

  8. Cor-Cote HT

    Tank Lining and Hi-Temp Coating

  9. Cor-Cote HT FF

    Flake Filled Novolac Epoxy

  10. Cor-Cote VEN

    Epoxy Novolac Vinyl Ester

  11. Cor-Cote VEN FF

    Epoxy Novolac Vinyl Ester - Flake Filled

  12. Cor-Cote VEN GF - Graphite Filled

    Epoxy Novolac Vinyl Ester - Graphite Filled

  13. Cor-Cote VEN TF

    Epoxy Novolac Vinyl Ester - Trowel Grade

  14. Corobond Vinyl Ester Primer

    Epoxy Vinyl Ester Primer

  15. Dura-Plate 235 PW

    Potable Water Epoxy

  16. Dura-Plate UHS Epoxy

    Epoxy Amine

  17. Dura-Plate UHS Primer

    Epoxy Amine

  18. DURA-PLATE® 8200

    High Temperature Epoxy

  19. DURA-PLATE® 5800

    Sewer Cote Epoxy

  20. DURA-PLATE® 5900

    High Build Solvent Free Epoxy For Wastewater Environments

  21. EnviroLastic AR530 Brush Grade

    Polyurea - Brush Grade

  22. EnviroLastic Caulking - JS80-SL

    Polyurea Joint Sealant

  23. Envirolastic LT Primer

    Low Temperature Polyurea Primer for Steel or Concrete

  24. Fast Clad 105ER

    Epoxy Tank Lining

  25. Fast Clad ER

    Epoxy Amine

  26. MACROPOXY 646 - PW

    Potable Water Epoxy

  27. MACROPOXY 846 - NSF

    Potable Water Epoxy

  28. Nova-Plate 325

    High Temperature High Pressure Resistant Tank Lining

  29. Nova-Plate UHS Epoxy

    Epoxy Novolac

  30. Nova-Plate UHS Primer

    Epoxy Novolac

  31. Phenicon HS Epoxy

    Epoxy Novolac Phenolic

  32. Phenicon HS Flake Filled Epoxy

    Epoxy Novolac Phenolic - Flake Filled

  33. Shelcote II Epoxy

    Epoxy Amine

  34. Shelcote II Flake Filled Epoxy

    Epoxy Amine - Flake Filled

  35. Sher-Glass FF

    Epoxy Amine - Flake Filled

  36. SherFlex

    Elastomeric Polyurethane

  37. SherFlex S

    Polyurethane Elastomer

  38. Steel-Seam FT910

    Epoxy Patching and Surfacer

  39. Tank Clad HS Epoxy

    Potable Water Epoxy