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ArmorSeal Floor Coatings

For light to heavy traffic areas, we offer a broad range of epoxies, urethanes, primers and patches combining both aesthetic appeal and high performance.

Download a map of VOC Regulated Locations (PDF)

Download a list of VOC Restrictions for Coatings by Regulated Area (PDF)

  1. ArmorSeal 1000 HS Epoxy

    Epoxy Topcoat

  2. ArmorSeal 8100

    Waterbased Epoxy Floor Coating

  3. ArmorSeal ExpressPatch

    Waternased Urethane Slurry

  4. ArmorSeal Rexthane I MCU

    Moisture-Cure Urethane Topcoat

  5. ArmorSeal Tread-Plex Water Based Coating

    Waterbased Acrylic Topcoat