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beginning with Zinc Clad PCP Ultra as a sacrificial pre-construction primer applied at the steel fabricator. Climo says they’re constantly scrutinizing the coatings process in pursuit of an ambitious goal for customers, that being zero maintenance.

Preserving artwork, design

Such scrutiny has most recently resulted in Landmark applying FluoroKem, a premium ultra-durable finish that water tank owners are finding an effective tool in preserving the artwork that is becoming a popular feature on water tanks.

The white oak leaf pattern at Mesa Del Sol—one of three originally submitted by artist Lisa DeJohn—required Landmark to subcontract the talents of a local sign painter, who free-hand-painted the more detailed features of the design. According to Climo, the design is unusual in that it covers the entire circumference of the tank, whereas most tanks Landmark works on will feature a single logo visible from just one or two directions.

FluoroKem wasn’t part of the original specification, but Climo knew he had to make a case for applying a 2.0-4.0-mil topcoat over the artwork once he saw the time, effort and money being invested in the design. Paul Brasher of Albuquerque engineering firm Brasher & Lorenz was soon on board and adjusted the specification accordingly.

“We worked with the artist and the engineer and gave them feedback on what we thought would present well on the tank and what we could re-create,” Climo says. “There was a lot of back-and-forth, a lot of feedback, and in the process we said, ‘You’re doing all this work here—we should really ensure that it lasts.’

“So we talked the owners into upgrading from a standard clear coat to FluoroKem. They were a little reluctant at first because of the additional investment, but in the long run they’ll be pleased because they’ll have extended the life cycle.”

Reliable system

While the coating preserving the artwork is a relatively new product, the Sherwin-Williams systems were reliable and familiar tools in the hands of Landmark applicators. After a shop prime coat of Zinc Clad PCP Ultra, the tank interior was field primed with Corothane I Galvapac Zinc Primer at 2.5-4.0 mils, and finished with two coats of Macropoxy 646 PW at 5.0-7.0 mils.

The exterior was also shop-primed with Zinc Clad PCP Ultra and field primed with a coat of Corothane I Galvapac Zinc Primer. The intermediate coat consisted of 2.0-4.0 mils of Acrolon 218HS,while the topcoat was 2.0-4.0 mils of FluoroKem. An additional coat of FluoroKem Clear was used over the design.

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