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Q: Plant management at the facility I service would like a coating recommendation for the exterior of a new steel tank. We would like a single coat of paint that provides corrosion protection as well as long-lasting color and gloss retention. What do you suggest?

A: Fast Clad DTM Urethane will provide the corrosion protection and excellent color and gloss retention you require. Fast Clad DTM Urethane is a fast-dry aliphatic polyaspartic formulated for single coat direct-to-metal application. The single-coat application applied at 6-9 mils dft will provide performance equal to a two-coat epoxy and urethane coating system.

Proper surface preparation will extend the service life of the coating. Recommended surface preparation for the tank exterior is SSPC-SP1 Solvent Cleaning followed by SSPC-SP 6 Commercial Blast Cleaning. Blast clean all steel surfaces using a sharp angular abrasive to provide a 2-mil surface profile. The blast-cleaned steel should be coated the same day before flash rusting occurs.

Fast Clad DTM Urethane can be spray-applied in a single-coat application at 6-9 mils dft to provide corrosion protection and excellent color and gloss retention.

Q: We have built a new laboratory addition to our water treatment plant. The walls are concrete. In some areas of the lab we have used solvent-based epoxy coatings on the walls. Is there a water-based epoxy that can be used to avoid the odor of solvent epoxy?

A: Pro Industrial Hi-Bild Water Based Catalyzed Epoxy is a high-build, low-odor water based acrylic epoxy that will meet your requirements. Surface preparation is the key to a good system. The surface must be clean, dry, sound and offer sufficient profile to achieve adequate adhesion. Minimum concrete cure is 28 days at 75 degrees F. Remove all curing compounds, form release agents and other foreign matter by sandblasting, shot blasting or suitable chemical means such as muriatic acid etch. Rinse thoroughly to achieve a pH between 8.0-11.0. For further detail on concrete preparation refer to SSPC-SP13 / NACE 6.

When applied at 4-6 mils dft in one coat, Pro Industrial Hi-Bild Water Based Catalyzed Epoxy will provide a tough, tile-like finish with excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, and chemical attack. One coat of masonry filler applied as required to provide a smooth surface followed by 1 or 2 coats of Pro Industrial Hi-Bild Water Based Catalyzed Epoxy will provide excellent durability and performance.

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