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SeaGuard Sher-Release Surface Coat

SeaGuard Surface Coat is a silicone based, biocide free, topcoat in the Sher-Release System. The low surface energy provides excellent foul release properties. The SeaGuard Surface Coat provides superior durability as compared to traditional silicone foul release systems.

Recommended Usage

Where long-life fouling protection in severe service is required. Where reduction in operating costs and extended drydocking intervals is desirable

Product Number Product Name MSDS GHS SDS Data Page
P31R200 Red Part A MSDS  |  GHS SDS  | Data Page
P31W200 White Part A MSDS  |  GHS SDS  | Data Page
P31A200 Gray Part A MSDS  |  GHS SDS  | Data Page
P31B200 Black Part A MSDS  |  GHS SDS  | Data Page
P31L200 Blue Part A MSDS  |  GHS SDS  | Data Page
P31V200 Hardener Part B MSDS  |  GHS SDS  | Data Page