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3579 Standard Primer / Sealer

General Polymers 3579 STANDARD PRIMER / BINDER is a high solids, clear or pigmented epoxy primer and binder resin. 3579 STANDARD PRIMER / BINDER is available in clear, red, white and gray, has good blush resistance and is low in viscosity to promote good penetration of the concrete substrate and excellent wetting of mortar aggregate.

Recommended Usage

VOC (volatile organic content)compliant epoxy primer for coatings, slurries, mortar overlays, and patches. It can be also used as a binder resin. For slurries, mortar and patching systems.

Product Number Product Name MSDS Data Page
GP3579A01 Clear Part A MSDS  | Data Page
GP3579A02 Custom Part A MSDS  | Data Page
GP3579A50 Gray Part A MSDS  | Data Page
GP3579A59 White Part A MSDS  | Data Page
GP3579A61 Black Part A MSDS  | Data Page
GP3579A74 Classic Tile Red Part A MSDS  | Data Page
GP3579B01 Clear Part B MSDS  | Data Page