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ArmorSeal Floor Coatings

ArmorSeal® Flexible Joint Sealant

ARMORSEAL FLEXIBLE JOINT SEALANT is a 2 component polymer hybrid containing both urethane and epoxy resins in order to provide a resilient filler for horizontal expansion joints. This chemistry allows excellent flexural strength and elongation while maintaining impressive tensile strength. It has good adhesive strength and flexibilityy over a wide temperature range.

Recommended Usage

  • A filler and sealer for narrow masonry control joints and grooves
  • Helps prevent damage to the joint and its edges
Product Number Product Name MSDS GHS SDS Data Page
B58AQ1 Gray Part A MSDS  |  GHS SDS  | Data Page
B60VQ1 Hardener Part B MSDS  |  GHS SDS  | Data Page