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Industrial Enamel

INDUSTRIAL ENAMEL is a medium oil/alkyd all-purpose enamel with a durable color pigment system. Designed for interior and exterior use.

  • Dries fast and allows equipment to be placed back in service quickly
  • Chip and flake resistant
  • High gloss makes it resistant to dirt
  • Apply down to 40°F

Recommended Usage

For use over prepared substrates in industrial environments:

  • Exterior/interior all-purpose maintenance enamel
  • Safety and pipe marking enamel
  • Economical machinery and equipment finish
  • Interior wall and ceiling enamel
  • A utility enamel for multiple uses, including equipment, fixtures, conveyors, fire escapes, window frames, pumps, safety markings, wood floors, railings, steel support structures, blowers, pipe racks, pipe identification, channels and bracing
  • Conforms to AWWA D102-03, OCS #1
  • Acceptable for use in high performance architectural applications.
  • Suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities
Product Number Product Name MSDS GHS SDS Data Page
B54W101 Pure White MSDS  |  GHS SDS  | Data Page
B54W113 Deep Base MSDS  |  GHS SDS  | Data Page
B54T104 Ultradeep Clear MSDS  |  GHS SDS  | Data Page
B54B11 Black MSDS  |  GHS SDS  | Data Page
B54G14 Cedar Green MSDS  |  GHS SDS  | Data Page
B54A13 Slate Gray MSDS  |  GHS SDS  | Data Page
B54A12 Tower Gray MSDS  |  GHS SDS  | Data Page
B54N16 Walnut Brown MSDS  |  GHS SDS  | Data Page
B54E39 Safety Orange MSDS  |  GHS SDS  | Data Page
B54R38 Safety Red MSDS  |  GHS SDS  | Data Page
B54Y37 Safety Yellow MSDS  |  GHS SDS  | Data Page