ExpressTech introduces new technologies to speed up the curing time, reduce vulnerabilities and improve overall quality. Technologies that require fewer coats and faster return to service.

Download a map of VOC Regulated Locations (PDF)

Download a list of VOC Restrictions for Coatings by Regulated Area (PDF)

  1. ArmorSeal ExpressPatch

    Waternased Urethane Slurry

  2. Cor-Cote FRE

    Fiber Reinforced High Build Epoxy

  3. EnviroLastic AR530 Brush Grade

    Polyurea - Brush Grade

  4. EnviroLastic Caulking - JS80-SL

    Polyurea Joint Sealant

  5. Envirolastic LT Primer

    Low Temperature Polyurea Primer for Steel or Concrete

  6. ExpressCote HCR

    Epoxy Novolac - Flake Filled

  7. Fast Clad DTM Urethane

    Polyaspartic Urethane

  8. Fast Clad DTM Urethane Mastic & Aluminum

    Polyaspartic Mastic Urethane

  9. Fast Clad ER

    Epoxy Amine

  10. Fast Clad Urethane

    Polyaspartic Urethane

  11. Fast Clad Zinc HS

    Inorganically Reinforced Zinc Primer

  12. SherFlex

    Elastomeric Polyurethane

  13. Steel-Spec Epoxy Primer

    Class B Approved Primer