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Tank Linings, Secondary Containment

Sherwin-Williams offers a wide variety of chemical resistant tank linings, secondary containment systems and corrosion control coatings.

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  1. Car-Flex HS Epoxy

    Flexible Epoxy Lining - FDA Approved

  2. CarClad Macropoxy HS

    Epoxy Rail Coating

  3. Cor-Cote FRE

    Fiber Reinforced High Build Epoxy

  4. Cor-Cote HCR

    Epoxy Novolac

  5. Cor-Cote HCR FF

    Epoxy Novolac - Flake Filled

  6. Cor-Cote HP

    Epoxy Amine

  7. Cor-Cote HP FF

    Epoxy Amine - Flake Filled

  8. Cor-Cote HT

    Tank Lining and Hi-Temp Coating

  9. Cor-Cote HT FF

    Flake Filled Novolac Epoxy

  10. Cor-Cote VEN

    Epoxy Novolac Vinyl Ester

  11. Cor-Cote VEN FF

    Epoxy Novolac Vinyl Ester - Flake Filled

  12. Cor-Cote VEN GF - Graphite Filled

    Epoxy Novolac Vinyl Ester - Graphite Filled

  13. Cor-Cote VEN TF

    Epoxy Novolac Vinyl Ester - Trowel Grade

  14. Corobond Vinyl Ester Primer

    Epoxy Vinyl Ester Primer

  15. Dura-Plate 235 PW

    Potable Water Epoxy

  16. Dura-Plate UHS Epoxy

    Epoxy Amine

  17. Dura-Plate UHS Primer

    Epoxy Amine

  18. DURA-PLATE® 5800

    Sewer Cote Epoxy

  19. DURA-PLATE® 5900

    High Build Solvent Free Epoxy For Wastewater Environments

  20. EnviroLastic AR530 Brush Grade

    Polyurea - Brush Grade

  21. EnviroLastic Caulking - JS80-SL

    Polyurea Joint Sealant

  22. Envirolastic LT Primer

    Low Temperature Polyurea Primer for Steel or Concrete

  23. ExpressCote HCR

    Epoxy Novolac - Flake Filled

  24. Fast Clad 105ER

    Epoxy Tank Lining

  25. Fast Clad ER

    Epoxy Amine

  26. Macropoxy 5500

    Potable Water Epoxy

  27. MACROPOXY 646 - PW

    Potable Water Epoxy

  28. MACROPOXY 846 - NSF

    Potable Water Epoxy

  29. Magnalux 404 FF

    Styrene Free Vinyl Ester

  30. Nova-Plate 325

    High Temperature High Pressure Resistant Tank Lining

  31. Nova-Plate UHS Epoxy

    Epoxy Novolac

  32. Nova-Plate UHS Primer

    Epoxy Novolac

  33. Phenicon HS Epoxy

    Epoxy Novolac Phenolic

  34. Phenicon HS Flake Filled Epoxy

    Epoxy Novolac Phenolic - Flake Filled

  35. Shelcote II Epoxy

    Epoxy Amine

  36. Shelcote II Flake Filled Epoxy

    Epoxy Amine - Flake Filled

  37. Sher-Glass FF

    Epoxy Amine - Flake Filled

  38. Sher-Tuff Epoxy

    Epoxy Amine - Flexible

  39. SherFlex

    Elastomeric Polyurethane

  40. SherFlex S

    Polyurethane Elastomer

  41. Steel-Seam FT910

    Epoxy Patching and Surfacer

  42. Tank Clad HS Epoxy

    Potable Water Epoxy