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Marine & Specialty Coatings

A full line of topside, ballast, and hull coatings for all areas of your ship.

Download a map of VOC Regulated Locations (PDF)

Download a list of VOC Restrictions for Coatings by Regulated Area (PDF)

  1. SeaGuard Sher-Release Tie Coat

    Silicone Foul Release Coating

  2. SeaGuard Voidcoat Low Temperature

    Low Temperature Waterbased Barge Coating

  3. SeaGuard 6100

    High Solids Marine Epoxy

  4. Anti-Graffiti Coating

    Clear Anti-Graffiti Coating, Non-Sacrificial

  5. Fast Clad ER

    Epoxy Amine

  6. SeaVoyage Copper Free

    A copper and tin free ablative antifoulant

  7. SeaVoyage® 100

    Controlled Depletion Polymer Antifouling Coating

  8. SeaGuard Voidcoat

    Waterbased Barge Coating