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Sherwin-Williams has the industry's most comprehensive line of epoxy primers, coatings, and linings.

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  1. Dura-Plate 2300

    Waterbased Epoxy Cementitious Resurfacer

  2. Dura-Plate 235 PW

    Potable Water Epoxy

  3. Dura-Plate 6100

    High Performance Epoxy

  4. Dura-Plate® 301K

    Moisture-Tolerant Epoxy

  5. Dura-Plate® 301W

    Low-Temperature Cure Moisture-Tolerant Epoxy

  6. Epolon II Multi-Mil Epoxy

    Polyamide Epoxy

  7. ExpressCote® 150

    Chemical Resistant Coating

  8. Hi-Mil Sher-Tar Epoxy

    Coal Tar Epoxy

  9. Macropoxy 5000

    Macropoxy 5000

  10. Macropoxy 646 - 100

    Low VOC Fast Cure Epoxy

  11. MACROPOXY 646 - PW

    Potable Water Epoxy

  12. Macropoxy 646 FF Epoxy

    Flake Filled Epoxy

  13. Macropoxy 646 N (Nuclear)

    Fast Cure Epoxy - Nuclear

  14. Macropoxy 80

    Multi-Purpose, Low Temperature Epoxy

  15. MACROPOXY 846 - NSF

    Potable Water Epoxy

  16. Macropoxy 920 PrePrime

    Penetrating Epoxy Primer

  17. Pro Industrial™ High-Performance Epoxy

    Pro Industrial High Performance Epoxy

  18. Pro Industrial™ Pre-catalyzed Water Based Epoxy

    Pro Industrial Pre-Catalyzed Water Based Epoxy

  19. Sher-Glass - Glass Flake Epoxy

    Epoxy Amine - Flake Filled

  20. SHER-LOXANE™ 800

    High-Performance Polysiloxane

  21. SherPlate PW Epoxy

    Fast Cure Potable Water Epoxy

  22. Steel-Spec Epoxy Primer

    Class B Approved Primer

  23. Tank Clad HS Epoxy

    Potable Water Epoxy

  24. TarGuard Coal Tar Epoxy

    Coal Tar Epoxy

  25. Tile-Clad HS Epoxy

    Polyamide Epoxy

  26. Waterbased Catalyzed Epoxy

    Waterbased Acrylic Epoxy