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ArmorSeal Floor Coatings

For light to heavy traffic areas, we offer a broad range of epoxies, urethanes, primers and patches combining both aesthetic appeal and high performance.

Download a map of VOC Regulated Locations (PDF)

Download a list of VOC Restrictions for Coatings by Regulated Area (PDF)

  1. ArmorSeal 1000 HS Epoxy

    Epoxy Topcoat

  2. ArmorSeal 650 SL N (Nuclear)

    100% Solids Topcoat

  3. ArmorSeal 8100

    Waterbased Epoxy Floor Coating

  4. ArmorSeal ExpressPatch

    Waternased Urethane Slurry

  5. ArmorSeal Rexthane I MCU

    Moisture-Cure Urethane Topcoat

  6. ArmorSeal Tread-Plex Primer

    Waterbased Acrylic Primer

  7. ArmorSeal Tread-Plex Water Based Coating

    Waterbased Acrylic Topcoat